Hot Xxx Amateur Films When She Sits On Her Belly

Hot Xxx Amateur Films When She Sits On Her Belly

Nikita shivered. It was cold and a bit damp in this closet, and she wasn’t wearing much clothing. Her knees were sore from kneeling on the cold concrete. A steel anal hook with a large ball was stuffed up her ass, and a rope was tied tightly from the hook to her hair. The rope forced her to remain with her back arched and her head slightly back, the perfect position for being throat fucked. Her hands were tied to her ankles, and she wore only a pair of white cotton panties. Completing her predicament was a leather collar around her neck with the words Cum Receptacle on the front, and a large ring gag that forced her mouth open. Her body ached and Nikita squirmed a little in her bonds, trying to make herself more comfortable. It was only these lulls in the action where Nikita questioned why she had put herself in this situation. When the closet door opened and one of the party goers strolled in and casually shoved their cock down her throat Nikita immediately remembered why. She was a whore, and she loved sucking cock. And most importantly, she loved serving and being used by men. “Mmph” Nikita attempted to moan when the cock entered her mouth, but the ring gag prevented her from doing so. She could feel the hot cock in her mouth, she could taste the sweat on his cock. And she loved it. “Alright cum dumpster, it’s time to put your whore mouth to use again” The party goer started pumping his cock in and out of Nikita’s mouth. She gagged, unprepared for the sudden entrance of his cock. Unpertubed, he kept slamming his slick pole down her throat, gripping her head and using her mouth the way a horny college student uses a pussy. “Yeah that’s it you dirty little bitch, choke on it. What a nasty little whore, does your boyfriend know what you like to do? Fuck I’m going to cum. Swallow it all down whore.”Nikita felt the cock in her mouth twitch, followed by spurt after spurt of cum. It tasted salty but a bit watery. Nikita swallowed it down without instruction. The man slapped his softening pole across Nikita’s face, and proceeded to wipe the head of his uncut cock on her cheeks. “Maybe I’ll see you later, Nikita.” The man walked out of the closet, closing the door behind him. On the door hung a large whiteboard which read Free cock sucker for use. Swallows cum and accepts verbal abuse. Nikita was left in the darkness again. She thought about how much she loved sucking cock, and wondered how many loads she would swallow tonight. She thought she had sucked, or rather been throat fucked by, maybe 9 or 10 already. Each cock had shot a load of cum straight down her throat. Her stomach churned with cum, but her pussy was slick with excitement. This is what got Nikita off. Being used as a cum dumpster, being throat fucked, tossed around as a party favour, and serving cock without receiving any pleasure in return. Well, she did receive some pleasure. She had the pleasure of being a dumpster for so many men. The thought made her feel a shiver deep in her loins. She hoped that when Max’s housewarming party was over he would use her pussy in the closet before sending her home. The door slammed open suddenly, startling Nikita. She moved a bit, which caused the steel hook in her anus to stretch it open even further. She quickly positioned herself to ease the intense stretching. “I hear there’s a whore for use in here,” the man slurred as he stumbled in, “and I’ve got a cock that needs sucking.” Nikita stared up at him with her sparkling blue eyes, hoping that it would encourage him to get on with shoving his cock down her throat. “I think I want to see how you suck without the ring gag, though.”He quickly undid the strap around her head, releasing the ring gag. “Do you like to suck cock, Nikita?” “Yes sir. Please can I suck your cock? Please I want to worship your pole.”Nikita smiled and batted her big blue eyes. She wanted this man to know how much she needed his cock in her mouth. Nikita’s pussy slickened as he undid the zipper on his blue jeans, and reached in to pull his cock out. It was a long member, about seven and a half inches and thick with a cut head. She took in the sight of his cock and inhaled deeply. He had a strong musk, the smell of a man who had been sweating and pissing all day without a wash. Nikita would soon be slurping it clean. “Oh god your cock is so long and thick, mister. Could I please suck on it? I’ll do anything.” The strange man’s cock stiffened as Nikita spoke. He stepped forward, and pushed his cock in her mouth. Nikita opened her mouth up and wrapped her lips around the head. With the hook in her ass and the rope around her neck it was difficult to suck, but she managed to bob about an inch back and forth on the slick pole. She slid her tongue around, tasting the acrid sweat and piss on his dick. She felt so degraded, and she fucking loved it. Nikita continued to bob her head up and down and slide her tongue, finding to her surprise that the movement of the hook in her asshole was massaging a pleasing spot inside her pussy. She felt so full, so dirty, so humiliated. The man watched in amazement as Nikita came while worshipping his cock. He gripped the back of her head with his firm grip, and started to force his hard cock into this willing, eager mouth. “Mmmphh. Mmmphh.”The sounds Nikita made as she gagged on the stiff pole. Despite her predicament and the abuse being unleashed on her throat, Nikita focused on trying to serve the cock. She kept her lips suctioned to the pole and tried to slide her tongue around on th
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e underside of the penis. The man changed his grip on her head, firmly gripping the sides of her head with both hands to keep her in place. The pace quickened, and his stroke lengthened. His slick cock forced it’s way past her tonsils and down her throat, coming to rest only when his sweaty balls were resting on her chin. This continued for several minutes, until finally Nikita felt cum shooting down her throat. What a waste, she thought. She didn’t even get to taste it. “Thanks for everything cum dumpster. Max sure found a good on-call booty slut in you.” He strolled out of the closet. This process continued for several hours, with house warming attendees of various ages entering the closet to throat fuck Nikita, cum down her throat and leave. Finally Nikita heard the music upstairs stop, and the banal farewells followed by the opening and closing of the door that implied everyone was leaving and the party was over. After what seemed like an age, the closet opened, and Max stepped in. He was naked, and his erect member was ready for action. “I hope you had a fun party, Nikita. I think you sucked about 25 cocks tonight. What a filthy bitch you are,” Max gripped Nikita’s neck with his thick hands and shoved his cock straight down her throat. “I know you were hoping to get your damp pussy fucked tonight, but I don’t think a cheap whore like you deserves that. Instead, I’m going to fuck your throat, and then your ass. Do you understand slut?” Nikita blinked up at him, but she couldn’t make any noise with the cock lodged in her throat. “I’ll take that as a yes. For a girl I met on the internet last week you sure are turning out to be a blast.” Max quickly undid Nikita from her predicament, but left the collar on so she knew her place. “Face down, ass up bitch. It’s time to empty my balls in you.” The command was firm, but in her dazed and sore state Nikita didn’t react fast enough. Max gripped her hair and slapped her across the face. It stung, physically and psychologically. The message was driven home. Nikita had agreed to do whatever Max wanted tonight, and she was going to be held to her agreement. “Sorry Sir.” Nikita mumbled as she got on all fours. She arched her back and dropped her hips, placing her head on the cold concrete floor. She reached her arms back and grabbed her ankles. “Good girl. Your pussy is very wet, Nikita. I think you enjoyed tonight.” Nikita felt his fingers roughly sliding along her pussy, stimulating her clit. She came almost instantly, the wave of orgasm rolling through her tired brain like lightning bolts. She was pulled out of her orgasmic bliss quite suddenly, as Max grabbed her hair and pulled her horizontal. He slammed his thick veiny pole into her asshole at the same time. His cock was massive and felt like it was splitting her open, and soon he was. Max relentlessly pounded his cock into Nikita’s ass, gripping her hair tightly with one hand to hold her head up, and furiously rubbing her clit with his other hand. The strokes were long and deep, and Max squatted behind her and used his powerful lug muscles to drive his cock home. Slap, slap, slap. The sound of his balls slapping against her pussy was rhythmic, and combined with wave after wave of clitoral orgasm to drive Nikita over the edge into a completely orgasmic and dazed head space. She was serving dick, just with her asshole instead of her tonsils. “Ooh fuck me harder please sir. Harder! Oh god I’m your fucking bitch, your filthy cum slut, your anal whore, your party favour. Please use me! Ugghhh!” Nikita hollered a never ending stream of filthy slurs about herself as she came over and over. “Take it bitch, fuck yeah you’re my filthy little college slut now.” Max grunted as he squatted behind her, using his powerful leg muscles to drive his cock home into her asshole. Her asshole was gripping his cock as he drove into her. “Cum in my asshole sir. Please cum in my asshole. Please.” Nikita begged.It drove Max over the edge, and he pushed her head down onto the concrete and gripped her hips, increasing his pace and pushing himself over the edge. Finally he came, spurt after spurt of thick cum spurting from his cock into Nikita’s tight little asshole. “Mmm fuck yeah, good girl Nikita. Take my cum in your ass. You’re my anal cum dumpster now.” Slowly Max withdrew his shrinking cock from Nikita’s sore and loosened asshole. As he did, the cum started to leak out, dripping onto the concrete floor of his closet. “Clean my cock off, whore.”Max grabbed Nikita by the hair and pulled her up into a kneeling position. Obediently, Nikita sucked and slurped at Max’s cock, cleaning it thoroughly. As she did so the rest of the cum leaked from her ass onto the floor. “Clean my floor up slut. Lick it up.” Nikita moaned at the humiliation of it. “Yes sir.” She knelt and moved her head down to the floor, licking his cum up off the concrete. She loved the taste, and she loved the humiliation. Finally she finished cleaning the floor up with her tongue. “I’ll see you on Monday, Nikita. I expect you to be here at six am sharp to suck my cock before I go to work. Dress like the whore you are.” “I’ll be here Monday morning at six am, sir. Dressed like your whore.” Nikita repeated, looking up at Max with her big blue eyes. Nikita’s pussy was slick the entire drive home, thinking of all of the cocks she had sucked, the humiliating circumstances, her aching asshole. It had been a fun night, and she couldn’t wait to go cock sucking again.

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