Sex Sequences With Blackmailed Stepmother

Sex Sequences With Blackmailed Stepmother

We showered together; all three of us under streams of hot water. The last time we had all showered together was in Ibiza when we stood under a poolside shower after spending time in the water. Amy had not long turned sixteen. We were all wearing swimming costumes then, of course, but I remember that it had been the first time that I had seen her in so little clothing. I remember thinking that she was developing into a shapely young woman and that it wouldn’t be long before she had streams of testosterone fuelled young men chasing after her.This time however we were all naked; no bits of material covering sexual parts and I now knew both women carnally. Amy reached for my erection with her sponge and rubbed shower gel into me. Liz looked on for a moment and then joined in. I took hold of my sponge and reciprocated the favour. The girls just stood there and let me wash their sexual parts. I could have stayed there all day wallowing in my new found world of debauchery but I had work to go to. Liz had work to go to as well and Amy had college – real life was clicking in.We quickly went our separate ways; Amy to her bedroom to dress and Liz and I to the marital bedroom. I had just about finished dressing when Liz came up to me and gave me a hug and a kiss. “Have you enjoyed this weekend?”I nodded. “Yes, and you?”“I’ve loved every minute of it and I’ve learned so much about myself,” she responded.“Such as?”She reflected for a moment. “I’ve learned how much I really enjoy sex and that I’m eager to experience more,” she said. “And... and I’ve learned that there’s part of me that enjoyed watching you have sex with someone else.”I kissed her again. “It’s called being a Cuckqueen, I think,” I told her. “I’ve also learned that I have a cuckold streak in me too.”Liz laughed. “What a pair we are?”I laughed just as Amy came into the room. “No sex in front of the children please,” she told us.She looked stunning in a red woollen top and a tartan skirt with thick black tights. I kissed her. “What time will you be home?” I asked her.“I had planned to have a drink with someone from college after classes,” she replied.“Oh?”“He’s asked me out a few times and I’ve always said no but... on Friday I said, okay.”She could see the sadness on my face and she smiled and kissed me once again. “But I’m going to be telling him that I’ve got something on and give it a miss.”I smiled, wondering if she was just winding me up. “These boys are just after one thing, you know,” I told her as I laughed.“What’s that, dad?”“You know what they want,” I told her. “They want into your knickers and... “She ran her hand down the front of my trousers. “Are you saying that they want to take my knickers off and fuck me?” she teased.I smiled.“There are some really, really bad men about isn’t there, dad?” she said as she kissed me again. “I’ll just have to try and find one good man who can protect me from all those bad ones, won’t I?”Liz moved closer. I think this one will do for now,” she said as she kissed me as well. Amy started to leave but Liz stopped her. “What time do you finish?”“About four-thirty, why?”“Fancy coming shopping with me?” she asked. “I was going to buy some new lingerie for tomorrow; maybe you would like some too? I know dad’s tastes.”“Awww, thank you mum,” Amy responded with a smile. “I could do with something nice to wear in bed too. I’m sure that dad won’t find my nightshirts appealing would he?”Liz laughed and looked at me. “No, I think your dad is more of a negligee and baby doll nightie man.”“Something easy just to push up and get down to business!” I chipped in.The girls laughed.Amy left us to it and we hugged and kissed. “You’re getting quite into this Cuckqueaning aren’t you?”She smiled and nodded. “Sorry, I can’t help it.”“No need to apologise. I’d like to help out as much as I can.”“Well anything you can suggest to make it... more interesting would be welcome.”“I think you’re making a fine start already,” I responded. “But maybe... maybe you might have a think about moving into Amy’s bedroom and letting her move into this one.”She looked stunned by my suggestion. “Not on a permanent basis, of course, but any night that Amy would prefer to sleep with me here would be a nice gesture.”She nodded. “Maybe if I moved into the guest room and you could come to me there whenever you wish?”I thought about it for a moment. “That sounds better but let’s hold fire on that for a moment.”“Anything else?”“And maybe some nights you could help her get ready for bed as well,” I suggested. “You know, perhaps a long soak in the bath and a body massage with oils and also... perhaps make sure that she’s nice and smooth down there. I felt some bristles in the shower.”“Of course,” she responded. “And will you do likewise with me for Joe?”“Absolutely,” I told her. “Actually, when you go shopping tonight put your stuff on the joint card and I’ll take care of it.”We kissed. “This is going to be fun,” she said before turning away to get ready to go out. ***** The girls arrived back a little later than usual with bags of shopping. I had already just prepared dinner so they came at the right moment. Liz showed me what she had bought to wear for Joe to wear next morning. She had bought a black silk dressing gown and a black lacy nightdress of mid-thigh length. “No stockings and suspenders?” I asked her.She shook her head. “And I won’t be wearing panties either, “she told me. “I did buy stockings and a couple of bra and panty sets but they will be for dinner dates. Tomorrow morning I suspect it will be straight back to bed so I will be dressed for the occasion.”I felt my erection stirring. “And what about Amy’s underwear and night clothes?”Amy opened her two bags out and took out a variety of lingerie items and packs of stockings and suspenders.“Amy’s never worn stockings before, you know.”I smiled. “Well you’re about to learn the effect they have on men,” I told her.“So mum says,” Amy replied. “She tells me that you tremble when you see her in them.”“I used to. It’s been a while now.”Amy kissed me. “We’ll I’ll make sure that those trembling days return.”Liz reached into the other bag Amy was holding and lifted put three baby-doll nightie sets. “I bought her these to wear at night as well. Hopefully they will keep her warm at night.”I laughed as a rubbed one of the pairs of white silk panties. “I think these are unnecessary though,” I said.“Amy says that she
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enjoys the thrill of her panties being taken off,” Liz replied. “Even if they are more off than on.”I was fully erect now.“Oh, and Amy and I have talked about the bedroom situation,” Liz said. “She thinks it’s a good idea that I move into the guest room so you two can have the master bedroom.”I looked at Amy. “It’s what mum wants as well, dad,” she said.I began to sense that she had a dominant side to her. I recalled reading some article or other some years ago about cuckolding relationships. The most common ones, of course, are the husband being cuckolded by the wife and her lover but there are also relationships of the reverse kind, the husband with a mistress and the wife approving. The wife is known as the Cuckquean and the husband’s lover is known as a Cuckcake. I knew that Liz had Cuckquean tendencies and it was looking as though her daughter Amy had Cuckcake ones.Liz could sense that my mind was elsewhere and came closer and took my hand. “It is what I want,” she told me. “Just like you enjoy being cuckolded by Joe I am enjoying being Cuckqueaned by Amy.”“If that’s what you want,”She nodded.“I am going to enjoy Cuckqueaning her with you, dad,” Amy told me. “And as soon as dinner is over with, mum is going to moving out of your bedroom and I am going to be moving in.”I was speechless but there again it wasn’t the first time that Amy had managed that. After dinner Liz and Amy went upstairs. I could hear things being moved around but I just left them to it. It was just after eight that Amy came down. “Your services are required, dad,” she said with a grin before kissing me.“So what have you been up too then?”“You’ll see,” she said taking me by the hand and leading me upstairs.She took me into the guest room first. “This is now mum’s room,” she said.I could see that Liz’s dressing table contents were all now on the one here. Her dressing gowns were hanging up on the bedroom door and her bedside table had her things on too. “She still has some clothing in a wardrobe in our room but there’s plenty of space left.”She then took me into my bedroom. Liz was sat on the bed. “And this is our bedroom,” she said.I looked at Liz. “Is this what you want?” I asked her.She nodded and got up and took our hands. “I want you both to enjoy yourselves in this room,” she said. “We have already discussed arrangements for you and I having time together and I am happy with that.”I kissed her. “You’re still my wife, you know!”“I know.”Amy hugged her. “I’ll be taking good care of him, mum,” she told her. “Now then, dad, you can prepare mum for Joe tomorrow and afterwards mum is going to get me ready for you!”Liz got and went to her bedroom, changed into her dressing gown and returned with a towel and shaving things. “I think that you should be doing this Amy!” I told her.“I would prefer you to do it, Tom,” Liz said. “It has more of edge you preparing your wife for another man.”She was right. As she lay back on top of a towel on the bed I became acutely aware that next morning another man would be enjoying her body. His eyes and his hands focusing on her sex and pleasuring himself with it. After I finished I checked her slowly with my fingers to make sure that she was bristle free. As I pulled away satisfied Amy moved closer and began to check herself. “Here, let me double check,” she had said.I watched her fingers slowly explore her mum’s sex and I also noticed that Liz had closed her eyes in enjoyment of her daughter’s touch. I hoped that she might have done more; perhaps slipped her fingers inside or even touched her clitty with her soft fingers before using her tongue on her. I was certain that Liz would not have stopped her if she had of done but Amy pulled away.Minutes later she returned from the bathroom with a towel and shaving things and then took off her skirt followed by her tights and panties. “I think I would prefer you to do it, dad,” she suddenly said. “You’re experienced with a razor, mum is not.”“Fine by me,” I told her.“Sorry mum but Becky usually does mine and she’s very good with a razor.”“It’s okay,” she responded as Amy laid out the towel and climber on top of the bed.“You’ll have to take out the labia barbells, dad,” Amy told me.Kneeling between her spread legs and with Liz kneeling at her side looking on, I unscrewed the beads and slid out the barbells.“Just put them on some tissue paper, dad,” Amy told me.Liz took then from me and went over to the dressing table leaving me with the very enjoyable task of shaving her daughter. “So Becky usually does this, does she?” I asked.She smiled.“And who has the pleasure of shaving Becky?” I asked.“I do,” she grinned. “Why, were you hoping to take over?”I laughed. “Well I could think of worse jobs.”Liz laughed.“Sorry dad, she’s not into guys.”I didn’t respond as I concentrated on shaving her. It was such a wonderful task. Amy just lay back with legs spread allowing my fingers to go wherever I wished and also allowing my eyes to feast on her sex. I was already hard before I even started but now I was wet as well.“You know that you’re the first man to ever touch me like this, don’t you, dad,” she suddenly said.I was surprised.“I’ve been touched before but most men just prod and poke with a view to just getting their cock inside. You do it with tenderness and care.”I smiled as Amy looked up at her mum. “You’ve been lucky mum,” Amy told her.“Yes I know,” she responded as she put her arm around me before kneeling closer to Amy. “May I?” she asked with fingers hovering over her sex.Amy nodded and I looked on as Liz ran her fingers over her sex. “Everything seems okay,” she said as she slid her fingers along the inside of her labia. “May I put the studs back in, it will give me some practice for the future?”“Of course, mum,” she responded. “Bring over the saline spray as well.Amy asked her to spray some solution on the barbells before inserting them. It took her just a few minutes to put everything back together. “It’s quite easy isn’t it?” Liz commented.Amy nodded. “As long as the area is kept clean they’re no problem.”“I’m definitely going to have one done now,” Liz said as she stepped off the bed. “Well Tom, if you leave us alone now and I’ll get Amy ready for bed.”I climbed off the bed and stood up beside Liz, standing and looking over Amy on top of the bed. She turned and noticed the huge bulge in my trousers. She reached out and held it. “We won’t be long,” she said quietly. “This will soon be taken care of.” 

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