Sex At School With A Young Brunette Girl In Toilet

Sex At School With A Young Brunette Girl In Toilet

My name is Debbie, and I'm nineteen. I have blonde hair and blue eyes too. I like to think I'm attractive. I'm not a ten, but at least an eight, with my B-cup boobs. One person who definitely thinks I'm attractive is my dad. His name is Scott, and he's forty-two. My mom passed when I was twelve, and ever since then, it's been my dad and I. We both have had our relationships, but nothing has been serious. Anyway, on my nineteenth birthday, I got a ton of clothes. Everything from skirts, and tops, to sexy bras and panties. Of course I didn't get the unmentionables from my dad, but judging from what happened that night, I'm a little surprised. We started the party at our house around 5:00 pm, and it didn't wrap up until around 9:00 pm. Then as we were alone, he gave me his present."I hope you like it," he told me, as he handed me his gift."I'm sure I will," I assured him, as I took it.I opened it up, and found a new iPad in it. I wasn't expecting that, but it was very appreciated."Oh, thank you, daddy. I love it," I made sure he knew.I gave him a giant hug, and kissed him on the cheek."I'm glad you like it, and I love you too. Try some of your new clothes on, or plug this thing in, and play with it," Scott suggested."I will, daddy. Thanks again," I told him, as I hugged him again.I grabbed my stuff, and ran to my room. The first thing I did was take the iPad out, and plug it into the charger. I waited a couple minutes for it to charge, and then I turned it on. It was so cool, and I immediately started surfing the net. Eventually, I found myself on YouTube. I watched a music video on there. As it was playing, I began undressing. I had a lot of clothes to try on. First I just tried on my tops, and a couple hats I got too. Eventually though, I got to my bras and panties some of my friends gave me. One of them gave me a thong, which I thought was weird."Yeah, I'm sure the guys would love seeing this stick out a bit," I said to myself.I was sure I wouldn't wear it very often, if at all. Thongs just weren't my thing. Nevertheless, I wanted to try it on. I took off my shorts, and slid off my panties too. I put it on, and then my video was over. So, I loaded up another one, as I was half naked. Little did I know, that someone was watching. I heard something make a loud noise. I immediately looked at the door, and could have sworn I saw the door closed."Dad?" I called out.I heard nothing back, so I dismissed it for the time being. Then I took off my shirt, my bra, and the thong too. I was completely naked, and I went through the rest of my clothes in the process. I was trying to decide what I wanted to try on next, when I heard that same noise again. I was less than skeptical the last time, but then I wanted to know what that was. I grabbed my robe, and put it on. I went on to the door, and opened it. I looked out there, but saw nothing. I saw my dad's door shut, so I was confused what the noise was. I went back into my room, and shut the door. I lost the robe, took my iPad, and laid down on my bed. Then I thought of something naughty, I wanted to watch some porn on my new iPad. I wasn't a huge fan of porn, but I did watch some every now and then. I logged onto a porn site, and found a decent video to watch. Obviously, I made sure to adjust the volume, I didn't want my dad to hear. I held the iPad on my stomach with one hand, and put my other hand on my pussy. I began masturbating, as I watched a guy fucking a woman doggie style. I really had no idea if my dad knew I liked to watch porn or not. I wouldn't have thought so, but not a lot gets past him. I stuck my fingers between my pussy lips, and let out a few moans too. I began getting a little sweaty, and my hand was drenched. I began rubbing my pussy ever so slowly, and I was nearing a decent orgasm. I leaned my head back, and closed my eyes too. Then I thought of an ex-boyfriend of mine. The guy I happened to lose my virginity to. I had sex with him just a handful of times, but it was always breathtaking. In no time at all, I came all over my hand, and the bedsheets. I was semi-satisfied, but I always needed the real thing. Masturbating only got the job about halfway done. I relaxed for a minute, and turned my iPad off. A minute later, I heard a grunt."Shit," I heard someone say quietly."Dad?" I asked.I heard some footsteps, so I hurried to put my robe on. I went to the door, but saw no one. Just as I was about to close the door, I looked down at the wall a few inches from the door frame. It was wet, and I was puzzled. I leaned my head back up, and looked at my dad's door. His light was on, and I could hear him mumbling."Yeah, sweetheart. Let me prove how much I love you," I heard him moan.That was a little more than odd, and I was still horny. So, I made the choice to investigate. I went to his door, and slowly opened it. I saw my dad masturbating with his eyes closed."Fuck yes, Debbie. Let your dad have his way with you," he said.My jaw nearly dropped, and I was stunned. Much like the iPad, I was not expecting that. My dad had a crush on me it seemed. He wanted to have sex with me, or maybe it was just a sick fantasy. Either way, he was certainly going to town on himself, as he thought about fucking his own daughter. I couldn't help, but to put my right hand between my pussy lips. I inserted my fingers up in there, and began masturbating to my own father. If he was sick, then I guess I was sick too. I let out a few soft moans, but he didn't hear me. I focused more on his face, rather than his cock. I guess it was more about him, than the actual act. I opened my robe, and really began masturbating. The door was only cracked a little bit, so I didn't think he would notice me. My mouth opened widely, and my hand was drenched. Then I thought about what it would be like if I did have sex with him. I was really unsure what to make of all this, but I didn't hate it. Before I knew it, I had an orgasm."Oh," I moaned to myself.A couple seconds later, I saw him cum too. It went everywhere, and he seemed to be very satisfied with himself. Maybe it was the excitement of thinking about me, that really got him off. Then I tied my robe, and slowly closed the door. I was as quiet as a mouse, as I crept back into my room. I had to think about what just happened. Incest wasn't something that really passed through my mind.Although, on the other hand, I found myself liking us being together. It was just us, and we really didn't have any other family. It wouldn't be like we had anyone that could really find out, and bust us. I got back into my bed, and undid my robe. First, I just laid there naked, and thought about my dad. Eventually, my right hand wen
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t south. My fingers found there way right between my pussy lips, and I began masturbating."Oh," I said.Well, obviously there was some attraction, why else would I masturbate again thinking about him? I stuck my fingers up in there deep, and really let out some moans. I should have been worried I'd alert my dad, but I didn't care in that moment. I just thought about him making love to me. It just being us, together. Maybe I always had an attraction, and it had just been awoken. I still wasn't sure, but I was sure that thinking about it gave me another orgasm."Yes, shit," I moaned.I came all over my hand, and bed. Then I just laid there with my robe open for a couple minutes. I felt unreal, and actually didn't feel sick. As I was in a dreamworld, daydreaming, there was a knock at the door."Sweetheart, are you still awake?" Scott asked through the door.I quickly tied my robe, and got under my blanket."Yes, daddy. You can come in," I let him know.He slowly opened the door, and smiled."What?" I wondered."I was just wondering if you tried the iPad out, and to see if you tried on your clothes," he told me."The iPad works great, and I did try on some stuff, but it's the unmentionable stuff," I let him know."You mean the sexy thongs, and bras?" he pondered.Well, that was clear as day. He had the hidden message that he thought I was sexy as hell. That's what I got anyway."Yes, dad. I tried some on," I confessed."And?" he wanted to know."They fit well," I put on the record.He leaned down, and gave me a hug. It lasted for about twenty seconds, but I felt his cock. It was as hard as a rock, if not harder. He had it for me badly. I wasn't sure what to do, but my brain just threw out words."Daddy, were you just masturbating?" I asked, as we were still hugging."What, no, why would you ask me that?" he asked quickly, as he got off the bed quickly."You have a hard on," I told him.Then he seemed to be relived for some odd reason."Oh, yes, I was masturbating," he confessed."OK," I replied."I just haven't had sex in a few years, I gotta do something," he told me.I didn't notice at the time, but my robe became undone a little, and left boob was out. He was looking down, but not directly at my chest. He was silent, but stood still. Eventually, I did notice that my boob was out. I just grinned, and actually brought the other one out too. Then he did look directly at my chest, he couldn't resist. He stayed silent, and began breathing heavily. I stood up, and slowly took off my robe. I stood naked in front of him, and he just admired my naked body. It was in fact a spur or the moment decision, but I did it. He took an extra good look at my entire body. Everything from my feet, to my curly blonde hair. Obviously, he really liked everything in between."Take me, daddy," I said slowly.He almost immediately came towards me, and put his lips on mine. We made out for about three minutes straight, and then we got on the bed. At that point, it couldn't be more obvious that we were hot for each other. He was just in his boxers, and a tank top. He put his arms underneath me, and then took his lips off mine. He looked down, and tried to get his boxers off as fast as he could. Obviously, it was a little difficult in that position. Once he got them off, he looked at me right in the eyes."Sweetheart, are you on the pill?" he needed to know."Yes," I told him.I really didn't think he'd be too happy about that, but given the situation, I didn't think he'd be too upset. He inserted his cock right into my pussy, and it was a hell of a lot better than I imagined."Oh, daddy," I moaned."I love you so much, Debbie," he let out."I love you too," I told him.He began thrusting his cock slowly, and I loved the feeling. It was the heat of the moment, but I wasn't regretting it. I was breathing quite heavily, and I held him really tightly."Yes, make love to me, dad," I muttered.He didn't answer, he just kept inhaling and exhaling slowly. He hadn't gotten too rough with me, he just kept it nice and slow for the time being. He kissed me on the lips, and the forehead multiple times. It was still unclear what this was all about, but I was willing to wait though. He put his hands between us, and put them right on my boobs. He squeezed them a bit, and just smiled."Wow, sweetie. You have a wonderful pair of tits here," he let me know."Thank you," I told him.He leaned down, and began licking my nipples. He titillated me, and got my pussy a little bit wetter. Of course, having his big cock inside me got it wet, but he seemed to be going for a record. After just making sweet love to me for a few minutes, he leaned up, and began ramming me."Oh, daddy!" I screamed."What, are you OK, sweetheart?" he quickly asked."Yes, now fuck me harder," I commanded him.He did just that, and really made me go nuts. I had a few sexual encounters before, and all of those combined, were nothing compared to just the first five minutes of this one. My pussy quickly became sore, but I loved it. I loved the pain that came with this, because it was from him, and it all being somewhat unexpected."Do you like that, sweetie?" he wanted to know."No, I love it, daddy. Please, make me cum," I pleaded with him.He put all his might into it, and had me screaming yet again."Fuck, that's good!" I screamed.It ended a hell of a lot sooner than I wanted, but I felt a big orgasm coming. I let out some really big moans, and then some came out of his mouth too."Fuck, Debbie, I'm gonna cum!" he screamed."Cum inside me, daddy. We'll cum at the same time!" I yelled quickly.Just like that, we had a father/daughter orgasm, simultaneously. It was still unexpected, but life changing. We both were quite satisfied, and then he got off me. He laid next to me, and kissed me on the head."You have no idea how long I've wanted to do that," he confessed."How long?" I wondered."When you were sixteen, one day, you were wearing a dress. Then you leaned forward a little too far, and your thong showed. That night, I actually had some incestuous thoughts about you. I wanted to ask you, but I just couldn't put that kind of pressure on you. After that night, you have been driving me crazy. You are one sexy fox, Debbie," he explained."Thank you, I guess," I let him know.Then he put his lips back on mine for a minute."Do you mind if we go again?" he wondered."Not at all," I let him know.We made love again, and a few times after that. It was definitely my best birthday ever. Now, we are a lot closer. We still have sex every now and then, and it keeps getting hotter. We have slept with each other a handful of times, but we're not exclusive with other. If I do become pregnant though, that might change things.

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