The Lonely Girl Undresses And Films How To Caress Her Pussy

The Lonely Girl Undresses And Films How To Caress Her Pussy

Some six months has gone by since we first began toying with the idea of me fucking your wife Audrey while you watched us and took photographs and video. The big night for the three of us was this past Friday and my hands and shoulders still shake a little just remembering the intensity of my time with her and I smile broadly around outsiders without obvious reasons to smile. It’s like I am living inside a scene from the movie “Unfaithful” where Diane Lane’s character Connie Sumner mentally relives her first taste of adultery aboard a commuter train. “Connie’s” body twitched and her face contorted in near-hysterical tears and laughter as she rode the waves of her flashbacks with unhidden exhilaration. Our experience is like that for me. To be completely honest, on Friday, I told one lie to you and one to your wife. My lie to your wife was that I was happy and calm about finally meeting the two of you and that she and I would share sex with you watching. The truth is that I was nearly stuttering but Audrey appeared nervous and telling her that I was calm and confident seemed to put her at ease. As you know, my first hope was to meet the two of you but for the first time with your wife I wanted would be private between she and me. We had shared emails about my fantasy to meet the two of you at a nice lounge with a breathtaking view which included the hotel where I planned to take your wife. I even drew a red heart around the chosen hotel in one of the photos I sent you! Over drinks and appetizers we would decide whether to take the ‘date’ further. If the 'date' would proceed further, we would move to a nice restaurant where you would sit at the bar watching us as your wife and I shared an intimate supper and conversation. If your wife decided to leave with me and go to the hotel where I was staying, she would excuse herself to the ladies room and remove her panties. She would discretely slip them to you as she passed the bar and returned to my table. In my fantasy of your wife, you would not see her again until either she abandoned the plan and called you to rescue her, or you would pick her up after lunchtime – well after lunchtime -- the following day. Until she and I entered the hotel suite, your wife would be in public places with me at all times to assure her sense of safety. They would, however, be romantic places, to boost her seduction. As her cuckold, you would bear the pain of your wife’s seduction. My fantasy was based upon deeply enticing your wife and not one of her handed to some man she was expected to please in order to please her husband. My fantasy was about romance and lovemaking because I believe romance trumps fucking always. Every time. I think there is little emotional risk to fucking. Okay, as her husband, you might lose her to some missile-cocked Olympian but probably won't. Romance raises the bar and bumps up the emotional risk to all of us by orders of magnitude. The likelihood is that being romanced heightens your wife’s self-worth. Your wife feeling valued before she is bedded is risky to you as her controlling, if would-be cuckold husband. For your part, the risks intensify that quiver in your gut and stab in your heart while Audrey is out of your control and part of you would die inside until she is home again. When Audrey is home, you probably would hate yourself for wanting to hear every detail of her time with me however miniscule. Yet every word she shares rips you apart and yet makes you beg for more of the pain - like a merciless drug. Your breath would catch in your throat as she tells you of dancing in my arms, our bodies tantalizingly close and of being kissed deeply, touched, undressed slowly and taken confidently and happily to a bed in a suite with a stunning view. You will imagine your beautiful wife giving herself freely to another man and for a moment you will wonder if that exquisite pain is killing you worse than the loss of control over her. Such was not to be though, as you felt strongly that you wanted to be there watching our every move and especially watching and filming me fill your wife’s beautiful pussy with sperm. Okay you won. Okay, I won too. My lie to you, I will explain in a little while. In keeping with your vision of a 'fuck my wife' fantasy, I chose a comfortable Junior Suite in a Marriott Residence Inn some forty miles from your home. What I like about that hotel chain is that many of their suites have fireplaces and few experiences are more erotically charged than sex by firelight. Also, I travel a lot and get free nights with them that do not show up on my credit cards leaving more resource for champagne, chocolate-dipped strawberries and the like. Fortunately, the evening had just enough chill in the air that using their fireplace was comfortable. Over a light supper, I remember the quizzical looks you gave Audrey from the bar as we chatted like old friends and exchanged touches -- two people very comfortable with each other. At the hotel you sat in a comfortable chair opposite the bed with your video camera while Audrey and I sat on one of the two king beds kissing, touching and sharing champagne. You seemed surprised that foreplay between she and was so familiar and easily. This was not the first time that you had brought her to a hotel for sex with other men. There had been eight such men to fuck her to your delight in the past eighteen months. Sometimes Audrey seemed to enjoy the sex. More often though, she seemed bored and even annoyed while her men - actually - your men pumped her body while detached from her. Audrey has fantasies too, and being a prostitute isn't one of them. To satisfy your fantasy of seeing men cum into her, Audrey would sometimes chant for the men to come, or to pump faster, or to fuck her harder. Other times she just laid there as men shot their load of ejaculate deeply into her body and left bite marks on her breasts and neck. Sometimes you were quick to rush the bed to “clean her up”, and other times she rushed to the bathroom to cleanse his fluids from her body as quickly as possible. Why was this event with me so different from the others? Why did Audrey moan like a woman in hard labor as we fucked? Why did she bite her lip in a hushed scream as I came at the same instant as she did? Also, why were her nipples distended to a length that neither of you’d ever once seen on her sweet, heavy breasts? In my mind and heart I believe the difference between your experience with other men fucking Audrey and me making love with her is based on two modalities. First, the other men were would-be lovers of your choosing who made no attempt to seduce or even smile towards your wife other than to stroke their cocks until they were hard and then twist her nipples like doorknobs as they basically jerked off into her body. I suspect that Audrey tolerated such indignities to grant your fantasy that she fuck to please you. The other is that the men you brought to Audrey knew her for ten minutes before the soulless fuck and three to six minutes afterwards. What made me special to your wife? I am a pretty average guy of moderately high intelligence and a decent income but at the same time am not a stud by any means. I am overweight, old enough to be Audrey’s father, and sometimes suffer from erectile dysfunction. Why did Audrey seem so happy to “be” with me as opposed to some of the mule-hung young dudes whom you brought to pummel her sex and fill your video screen with thick ropes of semen slathering her vagina, beautiful face and meaty breasts? I believe what contributed the most to the enjoyment that we all shared together was the time that Audrey and I invested in each other over the six months that preceded this intimate time together. If you remember, when we first started bandying about the idea of me having videotaped sex with your wife I suggested that she and I correspond by email and get to know each other up-front. The purpose was to ramp up the excitement level, but, most importantly, to treat your wife and you with deep respect. Some men who fantasize about their wives ‘being’ with other men, become extremely excited when their women communicate with potential sex partners in chat rooms and emails. The very fact that their wives are in communication with other men sows seeds of jealousy deep in their gut and those jealous feelings are like a drug within them. I know that Audrey showed you some of our emails and texts in order to show you how excited we were becoming about fucking in or outside of your presence. For the past six months she and I made each other increasingly horny, and in turn she shared that growing passion with you. For example, that email I sent to you saying that Audrey had tits to kill for and lips that I longed to both kiss and fuck, were to excite you even as I was excited to dare writing it. I emailed you that I wanted so badly to ‘be’ with your wife that sometimes I found it difficult to sleep. That was gospel truth. Audrey showed you similar emails and text messages and she told me of your hot reactions to our postings as did you in some of your emails to me. My lie to you was not a mistruth per-se but in sharing, daring and teasing enough to seduce you into allowing – even encouraging -- me to seduce Audrey - seduce your wife! My mental images of taking Audrey to the sweet and loving side of poundtown were so vivid that sometimes I took afternoons off to indulge my thoughts of her and to craft poems and song lyrics that sometimes grew into love letters replete with typos, missed punctuation and run-on sentences that would embarrass me now. I am not the brightest bulb on the string but I do know this: throw an anonymous cock into a nameless woman and she will yawn herself to sleep and do her level best to forget the experience. He might fuck her but he cannot touch her soul and a woman’s soul is the heart of her sexual self. Again, I am not the epitome of sensual mankind or stud-muffin-ry. My experience is that for a woman to want an average-guy like me in her bed she has to want me in her heart. So, what does a woman such as your beautiful wife Audrey want of me? For all their complexity, the simplest of fact is that a woman might enjoy the zipless fuck now and again but to take a lover she wants to feel safe with him. Your wife - anyone's wife - wants to know that she is beautiful to me and me to her. She wants and she needs to feel abiding trust that I am not like the others only there to squirt into her body, but to share it and to revel in her amazingness. For any woman to give herself completely to a man and literally to be one with him is an act of bravery even beyond the act of love. In many ways, it is easier to be “one” with a lover than with a husband because she will not ‘be’ with the lover as often. So if there is some act that she finds distasteful, the lover is more likely to be accepting and understanding than a husband who may feel an exaggerated sense of entitlement. A man who invests his time, energy and his humanity with her is the man that a woman wants. If she can’t have that in a husband, having it in a lover fills those needs without the upheaval of a divorce. If her husband wants her to pleasure such a man, she literally has hit the Trifect
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a!That bit of richly developed simplicity is why your wife felt safe enough to chant, “Fuck my hot hole, my cunt, fill me, oh my God I love this, fuck me deeper.” Those were interesting words for your wife Audrey and is akin to a threesome because she glanced in your direction with the dirtiest of her words. They spoke to your desires because you like hearing such words from her. The nest words, "God, I love this and fuck me deeper”, I believe were intended for me because she looked so very deeply into my eyes while speaking them. My mother always told me that the eyes were windows to the soul and I half-believe that my own soul could have fallen through the windows of your wife's pupils and mated with hers. Audrey put her calves and feet behind my thighs and pulled me even more deeply into her body then. From that point on, she never once looked in your direction until we were spent. Nor did I. Your wife’s eyes were locked on mine and mine on hers. In some ways, I think maybe our eyes fucked with intensities equal to that of our bodies! As you know from our discussions I had a vasectomy years ago. Please forgive me for this, but as my orgasm with your wife approached, I prayed that somehow my vas would magically reconnect somehow and I could plant a baby into your wife. Audrey came moments before I did and waves of heat and cold consumed me as my body drained into hers. One day I hope to share the fantasy of making Audrey pregnant because I long to hear your wife beg me to knock her up. I want to hear her say it very deliberately, like: “please… do it…plant your baby inside me. Take my womb and fill it!” Don’t ask me why I have such a fantasy, especially since it's medically impossible, but it’s true. The fantasy and those words make me feel closer to her. Yes, I should feel ashamed, but oddly, I don’t. Closeness is everything. If Audrey chooses to show you her text messages from me from the past months, you will see that I sent her the littlest of things but did so whenever I thought of her, which was often. There probably are hundreds of photos on her cellphone of flowers, beach scenes, sunsets from airliner windows, children playing, autumn leaves, chipmunks scurrying and the coolest 1966 GTO ever, seen at a car show. You will not find pictures of my cock or her body on her phone because those were unimportant until she and I were in a place to use them and as you so carefully recorded, we made superb use of it all. In all honesty, it has been years since I connected with someone with the intensity that your wife and I did last Friday. We bonded over the past months and we consummated those bonds to genuine cathection. That’s not to say that we are unhappy that you were there. In the past, you have used Audrey to get you off watching her fuck the men of your choosing. This time, the tables turned a bit. Your wife and I are now using you to bring us together so that you can watch us make love – and yes, to fuck and to fill her vagina with sperm as fodder for your sexual needs and your candid camera. Audrey and I both look forward to our next time together and you are most likely to join us as a spectator. All with due respect for want of a better word... Maybe gratitude is a better one. You may find that your wife has grown a little since our night together – actually – our weekend together. As you remember, Friday stretched into two nights and you seemed to have mixed feelings about it. You shook with excitement and furiously stroked your cock as she and I rutted. Yet you seemed frustrated to sleep in the bed she and I had trashed while your wife and I slept nude, wrapped in each other’s arms in the pristine one. I felt a little bad about that but I could not bear the thought of your wife sleeping in a messy bed while a pristine one was available for her beautifully tired body. I didn't choose to demean you so much as to treat Audrey like a goddess. You awoke to us making the most of morning wood and honestly, pal, I don’t blame you if you aren't happy about it but you have all this week and the next month to reclaim your wifer before she is mine again. I sense that Audrey is becoming more assertive with you now. I like that you carefully prepared her for her time with me. You obviously shaved her with loving precision and your choice of underthings for her was perfect. While you were sleeping, Audrey confided in me that she liked having you dress her for me but that for our next time together it is her intent that you will accompany her on a shopping trip and purchase whatever she chooses to wear for me. I truly hope that you enjoy the strength of character growing in Audrey. After our next time together, don’t be too surprised if, when I've left, your wife takes you to the bed that she and I used and have you lay in our wetness and devour the fluids from a vagina grown tidal from our coupling. Spoiler alert: She whispered that fantasy to me by the way. My bad. That’s the funny thing about sexual fluids, as men, we thrill to the idea that a woman might swallow our ejaculate. For us, her doing that represents a high degree of her acceptance of us as men. I hope your video clearly shows Audrey taunting you with my cum on her tongue before she swallowed it and then licked her lips and fingers to get the rest of it. Maybe you want to use a tripod because your camera seemed to be shaking in your hands and so I hope it has that electronic stabilization feature. I think women are a lot like us in that regard, pal, at least your wife sure is. The first time I ate her pussy, okay, “ate” her pussy is too weak a word… as I seized her pussy orally, claimed it for my own and devoted my soul to its pleasure, Audrey’s vagina gushed and I swallowed every molecule of her saltiness.. You seemed shocked when Audrey said, “God, I love you”, and mashed her lips into mine. Frankly, I was a little shocked too but her words jolted my cock like a bolt from a defibrillator and sprung me back to life even as my testicles suddenly ached for yet another fierce coupling with her. Please, pal, I don’t wish to take your wife away from you; I truly don’t want to break up a marriage. But, I do love her dearly for the magnificent woman that she is and for her deep caring for me as her new lover. I want to be her only extramarital lover but of course, that’s not my decision to make. Judging from your wife’s reaction though, I think your ability to show up with some random man and expect her to have sex with him for your amusement may be compromised now. I probably should apologize for that, but your wife and I came to this “place” honestly. How the two of you manage your desires will be something the two of you will need to manage somehow. It’s above my pay grade so to speak. What surprised me probably the most is when and how your Audrey offered me her ass. From your reaction I think it caught you unawares as well. None of us had discussed ass play as a possibility but in our emails and chats over the months between Audrey and me, the subject came up. I don’t remember how we got onto that particular subject but Audrey had said something to the effect of being a little afraid of anal intercourse because she couldn’t control how one of the partners you chose for her might behave. Also, she was concerned that you might insist on her doing it for you afterwards and the difficulty of saying no to you if in fact she didn’t like it. I had replied in the chat that it was not my intent to fuck her ass or any woman’s ass per-se but I was open to a woman pushing her ass over my cock and how that might work. The internet connection went latent (fate?) and I called your wife on the phone. Audrey and I evolved into the fantasy and unintentionally, the conversation morphed into phone sex. Anal phone sex?!? She and I began breathing a little heavier while discussing lubricating both of us and how your wife would push her anus slowly and rhythmically over my cockhead - taking it deeper in minute fractions of an inch. In our “telecommuted” fantasy, your wife set the pace, telling me how she was stretching herself over me until there is that soft plopping sound and my cockhead is in her rectum. I have no idea where her fingers were but mine were busy on my cock! Your wife said that she was slowly and steadily pumping my turgid member while I teased her clitoris with my soaking fingers. After awhile your wife asked me to take over the pace and the most vocal parts of the fantasy. “I am holding your hips now and pulling them to me and my cock is filling your ass”, I told her. Your wife’s moans filled the telephone circuit and I heated up the wires telling your wife that I wanted to fill her ass with my cum. “Do it” she hissed at me, her voice gone to rasp! “Do it now! Cum in my ass, I need it!” We both came at that point and oddly enough we never discussed the matter after that. Maybe we had it out of our system, so to speak.  I was wrong. On Friday, after we had had vaginal intercourse for the second time and we were in bed spooning and resting. You were reloading your camera and I was cupping your wife’s sweet breasts and nuzzling her neck. While I didn’t realize it at first, my soft, wet cock was between her cheeks. Absently, I pinched Audrey’s nipples a little harder than I had been and she began rolling her hips slightly and my cockhead fell right up against her anus which was already very well lubricated by our combined juices that had trickled down and covered her ass. Also, I had used a lubricated finger in her ass while we fucked traditionally. As your wife’s hip motion picked up power, my cock began to tingle and become erect. Audrey began pushing her hips tighter against my cock. Neither of us spoke, probably afraid of breaking the dreamlike spell. My breathing picked up and my chest filled with the same feeling I get in very proud moments as my cock stiffened and your wife’s movements became more purposeful. Soon, I was inside her and we rocked in the bed gathering intensity. The first sounds that I heard apart from a soft rustling of the sheets were a deep moan from your wife and then a gasp from you. We pumped a little harder and Audrey breathed the word “Please” to me and I used one hand to twist and pinch her nipples and the other to frig your wife’s clitoris like she was the last and only woman I would ever touch. Soon, your wife’s moans took on that rich, deeply harmonic character that excite me so. I struggled to keep from reaching orgasm too soon and intensified my assault on your wife’s clit. With a sudden jolt, Audrey’s hips slammed back at me like a truck backing into a loading dock! My cock reacted as though it had been struck by lightning and I felt the orgasm race chills from my heels to my neck! Don’t ask me why your wife and I did anal, I haven’t a clue. My best guess would be that she had become intrigued during our fantasy and the fact that my cock is only of average size and so she wasn’t afraid of it. Who ever thought a moderate cock could be advantageous to a man? I honestly hope that you are enjoying all this as much as your wife and I are, despite your increasing loss of control over Audrey and that this love triangle enjoys years of smiling (if sticky) faces.

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