Fucked In The Ass Until She Lets Go

Fucked In The Ass Until She Lets Go

The Waterbury Hills High School men’s swim season was just starting.  The team was a mix of the younger new swimmers and the six more experienced varsity swimmers who would be graduating at the end of the year.“Great job everyone,” Coach Travis announced to everyone.  “Everyone except the seniors can shower and head home.”The remaining seniors sat on the bleachers waiting for the coach.  Coach Travis gave them the usual pep talk about being the leaders of the team, showing the younger swimmers the importance of teamwork, and other housekeeping issues of the season.“Men, as you know there are two values that are very important to Waterbury Hills High swim team: Tradition and Family.”“And one of those traditions is handed down from your fathers’ and grandfathers’ generations.  While you swim in speedos, past generations would never think of it.  They swam nude for their practices and meets.  Of course, only male relatives and friends generally observed the meets.  But to take every advantage possible, the men always had all their body hair shaved off to gain a split second advantage.  While we wear speedos now, the tradition lives on, and you will all be free of your body hair.”The guys didn’t see anything unusual or difficult with this tradition.  Hell, if it was good enough for their dads, they could do it too.“Of course, the other tradition is family.  And historically the tradition is that a family member shaves the body hair off the swimmer’s body.  It’s a sign of nurturing and support from the family.  And because it is a nurturing symbol, it is always done by a female family member.”  The coach could see some discomfort now.“What do you mean by a female family member?  Our moms?” Jon asked in disbelief.“It could be your mom,” Coach answered.“But she hasn’t seen me naked in ten years!” Jon said.“Well that is about to change today,” Coach replied.  “Unless your mother was busy and had to send another female family member.”Rusty started shifting his weight nervously from one leg to the other.  He knew his mom was on a business trip.  “Who could it be,” he wondered.  His mind immediately went to his mom’s youngest sister, Aunt Tess, who was twenty-eight years old and only ten years his senior.  The thought of Aunt Tess shaving his balls made his speedo fill up with his seven-inch hard cock.  He lowered his towel in front of him to avoid calling attention to his situation.“Okay, guys, meet your barbers!”And with that announcement, six females aged between sixteen to fifty-two marched out to meet the guys.Rusty had guessed correctly as Aunt Tess took her place at his side.  He felt a rush of feelings ranging from embarrassment to excitement.Jon’s nightmare came true as his mom ran over to him and gave him a kiss.Brian was mortified to see his sixteen-year-old sister, Jane, walk into the aquatic center.William and Jim’s mothers also came out and stood by their sons.And Drew’s twin sister, Bea, came to his side.The awkwardness in the pool area was palpable.“Gentlemen, remove your speedos,” Coach announced.  “Traditions are traditions.”In unison, the six boys hesitantly took their speedos off and handed them to their family member.  Rusty looked at Aunt Tess’s eyes, and she smiled.  She looked down at his cock, and that made his member start to grow uncontrollably.  His secret fantasy was coming true.  She could see that Rusty’s uncut penis was straining against his foreskin.Aunt Tess looked into Rusty’s eyes and whispered, “Let me help you with this.”  She took her hand and stroked his cock ever so gently helping his cock head to escape the grip of his tight foreskin.  “Does that feel better?  It certainly looks better.”William and Jim’s mothers, Ann and Jill, both gasped in unison as they saw their little boys’ man-sized penises for the first time in years.“Oh my God, William, you’re just like your father,” his mother said, giving him a piece of information he really didn’t need.Jim’s mom added, “And Jimmy, you are way bigger than Dad.”“Okay gentlemen, please escort your barbers into the shower area and let them do their handiwork,” the Coach announced.The boys didn’t look happy as they led their relatives towards the shower stalls.  The women were all as giggly as can be.The boys could overhear their mothers’ conversation, which added to their discomfort.“Jill is your husband's really smaller than Jim’s penis,” Ann asked.“Oh yes, my husband is a grower, but I can see that Jim is much more hung than his father.”Jim almost died.  “Did my mother just use the term ‘hung’ while talking about me,” he thought.The boys turned on the water and soaked their bodies.  Aunt Tess wasted no time.  Rusty really didn’t have any hair on his chest or legs, so Aunt Tess lathered up his pubic hair and his entire genital area.  You could barely see his cock and balls since they were buried in a mound of shaving cream.As Aunt Tess began to shave Rusty’s bush, she had to hold his penis firmly away from the razor.  When her hand slipped on the slippery shaft, his erect penis flew in the air and stood out from the shaving cream.“Come on Rusty, work with me,” she joked.Ann and Jill were working on their boys' side by side and having the most normal girl conversation.“See Jill, William is the spitting image of his father,” Ann said.“Look at how William’s penis bends to the right when it is hard like this.  Just like his dad.”“Interesting how it bends like that.”“Jill, go ahead.  Feel how it bends when he’s hard.  That is just like his father, Robert.”  Jill stroked William’s cock to feel how it bends to the right.  William began to panic as he knew what was happening.  It only took four strokes, and William let loose six long ropes of cum which landed in between Jill and Ann.“William, I thought you had more control.  Apologize to Jim’s mother.”“Oh no, Ann, it really is Okay.   They are boys, and this is beyond their control.”Jim was giving William an incredulous look.  He whispered to William, “Did you really just cum almost hitting my mom?”“Why was your mom’s hand on my dick!  What did you expect?”In a minute the tables were turned, and Jill was inviting Ann to feel Jim’s cock.“See how thick Jim is?  Just like his dad.  Go ahead and see if you can wrap your hands around it,” Jill invited.  “I can barely get it in my mouth!”“Oh my God, Jill, you are one lucky woman!”Ann couldn’t let go of Jim’s cock.  She marveled at his girth.“Jimmy, rinse the shaving cream off so Ann can get a clear look,” his mother ordered.Jim rinsed off under the shower, and Ann immediately grasped his cock again.“How does that even fit, Jill?”  They both laughed.  “I know,” Jill said.  “It took some practice.”All the attention on Jim’s cock got the same reaction.  Jim’s body arched back uncontrollably as he felt the same feelings that William had earlier.  However, Jim’s semen sprayed a wider net and actually landed on the two mothers.“Jimmy! Why did you do that?”“Oh Jill, you know.  It’s the same thing.  Boys have no control.  Maybe they should be taking a cold shower now instead of a hot one!”  The two mothers laughed as they continued their work.William was starting to have fun.  He looked over at a very nervous Jim and asked, “I’m the asshole for cumming between our moms, but you came all over them?”  Jim relaxed and laughed when William broke a smile revealing that he was joking.  “Hey, all the moms call me ‘stud’!”“You ass,” William laughed.Jon and his mom, Sue, were right next to Jill and Ann, but they were more serious.  “Jon, just relax, this isn’t so weird,” she said.  I do this for your dad every month.  Jon was so nervous that his cock was as limp as a noodle.“Thanks, mom, but I didn’t need to know that.  That information should really be on a need to know basis.”“Just because I haven’t seen you naked since you were about eight years old doesn’t mean that I don’t know what a naked man looks like.  You have a very nice penis, son.  Even if it isn’t as big as those other boys William and Jim.”“Oh Sue, your son’s penis is adorable, too,” Jill said.“Thank you, Jill, but I can’t get the sight of your Jimmy’s penis out of my mind after seeing him shoot cum all over you two!”  Everyone laughed.  Everyone except the boys.“Mind if I see your son’s equipment,” Jill asked?“Here, Jill, let’s switch spots for a minute,” Sue suggested.  With that, the two moms changed positions, and Jill took hold of Jon’s cock.  “I think the problem is that you need more shaving cream.”  Jill took the can of shaving cream and lathered up Jon’s genitals and took his limp cock into her hand.  She started stroking him with her right hand.  With her left hand, she reached behind and started grazing his ass.  Jon looked down into Jim’s mother’s eyes and she smiled.“Do you like that,” she asked just above a whisper.“Yes, ma’am.”Jill knew what she was doing and gently pushed her finger further into Jon’s crack, touching his asshole ever so lightly at first and then increasing the pressure against his hole with her finger.  Jon looked at her, unable to speak.  They just looked into each other’s eyes.It worked.  Jon’s cock was the biggest of the three now that he was sporting an impressive erection.  “Now I can shave you correctly, honey!” Jill said.“Oh my, how did you do that, Jill?” Sue asked.“I don’t know.  I guess I just have a special touch.”“Well keep going and I’ll finish shaving your boy if that's Okay,” Sue said.Jill looked up at Jon and asked, “Is that Okay?”“Uh, yeah, sure, I guess.”“Hey, Jon don’t get any ideas.  My mom’s a married woman you know,” Jim joked.“Oh stop it, Jimmy, you had your fun, and now it’s Jon’s turn,” Jill said which quickly shut him up.  That and the fact that Jon’s mom was now tickling Jimmy’s balls.“Here honey, I think I can get better light if you turn this way,” Jill said to Jon.Jon complied, which also gave them more privacy out of view of the others.Jon stared at the ceiling as she took the handheld hose and rinsed him off.  All of a sudden he felt a warm feeling surround his cock that wasn’t coming from the water.  He looked down and saw Jim’s mother sucking his cock.  He froze hoping that no one could see what was happening.  Jon had never had anyone give him a blow job before, and she was amazing even without anything with which to compare.  Jill took hold of his balls and gently massaged them as she took the full length of his erect cock in and out of her mouth.  He felt her tongue swirling around the tip of his cock.  It see
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med like she sucked him for hours, but it was only minutes and that was all he could last.Jon gasped quietly as he felt his balls empty a week’s worth of semen into Jill’s mouth.  She swallowed every drop.  Looking up at him she put her finger to her lips to say, “Shh, not a word.”“Okay, Sue, I think I’m done with your son.  His penis is nice and clean just like when you saw him at eight years old.   Only bigger.”Sue switched back and took her place in front of Jon.  “Oh, my, yes way bigger.  How did you get him to grow like that, Jill?”“Oh you know, Sue, a boy’s penis has a mind of its own,” Jill said as she smiled at Jon.Leave it to the girls to be the silliest.  They took the showers in an opposite corner.  Bea, being sixteen, had the least experience of all the females around naked boys.  She was spellbound by all the penises in front of her.“Bea, I used to take baths with Brian when we were little, but then our parents made us take separate baths when he got older.  I guess I know why now!”“Now it all becomes clear!  Being twins, Drew and I were always close and probably saw each other naked until we were twelve.  This is the first time I’ve seen Drew as a man,” Bea said as she lathered up Drew’s cock with shaving cream.“Bea, when do boys’ penises start looking like this?” Jane asked.“Probably around thirteen.  You can see that penises come in all shapes and sizes. “Drew was standing side by side with Brian.  Bea, being the older and more experienced girl, led the demonstration.“See, Jane, how your brother’s dick has this extra skin over it?  He's uncircumcised while Drew is circumcised.  Go ahead, feel both of them and compare.”Jane was fascinated by the two penises in front of her.  This was the best anatomy class that she'd ever had.  Jane started with her older brother’s dick.  Jane stroked it back and forth and felt all around the balls.“Why is Brian getting hard like that?  I’m his sister!”“Jane, it really doesn’t matter who is touching a guy’s penis.  They all react that way,” Bea said.“Will it work with Drew’s penis too…even without that extra skin?“Go ahead and find out!  I’ll share my brother with you!” Bea said.“Why's Drew leaking water?  Is he peeing?”“No, Jane, that's precum.  It's like a special oil that the boys make to have sex.  They can’t help it.”“Let’s just shave each other’s brother.  I want to see how Brian’s penis works with the extra skin,” Bea said.  She went to work on Brian’s penis first by washing it thoroughly and pulling back the foreskin.“Does this hurt, Brian?”“No, actually it feels good when you touch it, Bea.”“It doesn’t matter if a guy has a foreskin or not,” Drew said.  “Jane, your hands feel really good on my penis, too.”Both boys were developing identical erections as the sisters expertly manipulated their penises.  Even Jane, being younger than Bea and less experienced, seemed to know exactly what to do.  It didn’t take long at all for the boys to cum all over the shower room floor.“See Jane, that is what boys do when they get excited.  Their penises get hard, they leak precum, and then they explode like that.  So you better get out of the way when you see it coming!”  Drew and Brian said very little during the shave.  They just enjoyed the sensation of having their sisters see them naked and getting masturbated by the other sister.Aunt Tess was in the opposite corner with Rusty.  Rusty had masturbated himself to sleep many times to the thought of Aunt Tess.  Today his dreams were coming true.“You realize, Rusty, that I am only ten years older than you and I used to bathe you all the time.  Then when you got to be about thirteen, you insisted that I stop.  Why was that?”“Uh, well, I was getting older and embarrassed that you saw me naked,” Rusty said.“Ah, I see.  And here we are with you completely naked.  Is this so bad?”“It’s kind embarrassing,” he said.“Why would you be embarrassed?  You have a beautiful body!  And I’ve recently dated men your age,” Aunt Tess admitted.“You’ve dated eighteen-year-old guys?”“Of course!   And none of them could keep up with me.  I have a very high energy level,” she said as she moved closer to Rusty and placed her hands on his chest.  With that, she moved her face within inches of his as she stared into his eyes.  Simultaneously Aunt Tess placed her lips on his mouth and reached down with her right hand to grab his cock.  Her tongue went inside Rusty’s mouth as he graciously accepted her gesture.  Without thinking of the consequences, Rusty thrust his tongue inside Aunt Tess’s mouth, and they were kissing wildly as she pumped his erect cock.Rusty placed his right hand at her waist and slipped it under her shirt.  He moved his hand up to feel her breasts.  She wasn’t wearing a bra, and so Rusty had free access to her tits, which he worked like a pro.Aunt Tess took his balls into her left hand.  They kissed passionately as if they were the only ones in the shower.  The truth is that everyone was so engrossed with their respective boy being shaved that no one took note of Rusty and Tess.  Aunt Tess left Rusty’s mouth long enough to slide down his torso until she reached his cock.  She took Rusty in her mouth and made wild slurping sounds as she gave Rusty the blow job that he had fantasized about for years.  With all the showers running, no one could hear her sounds as she feasted on her nephew’s cock.  Within minutes Rusty started thrusting his cock into his aunt’s mouth with increasing force until he finally spewed forth four long streams of cum into his aunt’s welcoming mouth.  Rusty collapsed into his aunt’s arms as she supported his limp body.  She kissed him gently, and he could taste the slightly salty taste left in her mouth from his semen.“Rusty,” she whispered into his ears, “this was the first of many for you.  You might want to ask your parents if you can spend the summer at my house.”Rusty stood up, looked at Aunt Tess, and smiled the biggest grin he ever made.  He just nodded his head in agreement.“OK, men, it looks like you’ve all been relieved of any body hair,” Coach Travis announced.  “You can all go out to the pool and have free swim for the rest of the hour.”The boys all made their way out to the pool.  “Thank you, ladies, for your willingness to continue the tradition.”“Oh Travis,” Jill started, “this was a wonderful tradition and a great experience for the boys.  But I think we should start a new tradition.”Ann immediately joined in.  “Yes Coach, it's a wonderful tradition for the boys.  But I agree.  A new tradition would be appropriate.”“What kind of tradition?” Coach asked.All six females, led by the three devious mothers, drew closer to the coach.“Oh a tradition that goes like this,” Sue said as she reached over and pulled the coach’s shirt up and over his head.Coach Travis laughed.  “What are you doing?”“This is what we’re doing,” Ann said, as she pulled his shorts down to his ankles.“I think students should really get to know their teachers,” Bea said as she pulled his jock strap down revealing a soft five-inch cut penis surrounded by a full bush a blond pubic hair.”  Coach stood there in shock.“Yes, it’s important for students to know what their teachers are made of,” Jane said as she pulled the shorts and jock strap off his ankles and lifted each foot up to relieve him of his remaining clothes.“And coach,” Aunt Tess whispered in his ears, “what is good for the boys is good for their coach.”  Aunt Tess’s intention became evident as she ran her hands through his pubic hair.“Meet your barbers, Coach!” Jill announced.The women pushed Coach Travis under the shower and soaped him up thoroughly.  The women were getting wet too, but they didn’t care.  They each made sure to wash his cock and ass, which made his eight-inch hard cock stand straight up.  The girls grabbed the shaving cream and lathered him up.  The mothers carefully shaved his cock and pubes.  He had a light coat of fuzzy blond hair on his ass, and the girls took care of that area.Once Travis was completely free of all body hair, Aunt Tess walked up to him.  “I would hate to get these clothes any wetter,” she said as she started stripping right in front of him.  She handed each article of clothing to the stunned women who couldn’t believe what Tess was doing.It only took a minute, and Tess was nude along with Coach Travis.  She knelt down and rubbed his cock in between her ample tits that had been warmed up by Rusty a short time before.  Coach looked down to see his cock enveloped in her tits and then saw the other women standing around watching this show.Jane came over to rub his ass and poke her soapy finger is his asshole.  Tess stood up and rubbed her pussy against his cock.  The mothers ran their fingers down his muscled body as he turned his head so that each one of them took their turn kissing him and forcing their tongues into his mouth.Aunt Tess turned away from Coach Travis, bent over, and backed up into him.  His wet cock slipped right into her pussy.  He continued kissing each woman as the girls alternated playing with his ass.   Tess worked his cock with the kind of gymnastic moves that pleased every man she had been with.“On the floor, Coach!” Tess ordered.  Travis laid down on the ground as Tess jumped on top and straddled his cock.  Tess rode him like she was in a rodeo.Sue, the quiet, reserved mom, pulled her panties down and sat on his face.  Travis licked her pussy, and she rubbed it all over his face almost suffocating him.Aunt Tess could sense that he was close to cumming, which was something everyone wanted to see.  She jumped off of his cock, which allowed all the females to stroke his cock, play with his balls, kiss him, and run their hands up and down his legs and chest until the big moment arrived.It was only a couple of minutes until Travis’ body started shaking uncontrollably and his chest started to leap up from the ground.  The women continued stroking his cock until he finally shot six long streams of white hot cum into the air and across the shower room.Travis was exhausted and simply remained on the floor until the women helped him to his feet.  His cock was still its full eight inches but limp now.  Since Tess was the only nude woman, she helped him under the shower and cleaned him up.  The rest of the women got towels and dried them off.Once dressed they all headed to the pool area where the hairless boys were still swimming.“Good work men,” Coach announced.  “Go get dressed, and I’ll see you tomorrow.”“Good work for you as well, Coach Travis,” Aunt Tess said.  All the women applauded!  

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