Free Romanian Porn With Blondes Slapping Over The Bottom

Free Romanian Porn With Blondes Slapping Over The Bottom

Prelude My girlfriend Moriah is the hottest woman on the face of the planet. She has a very nice curvy body, long dirty blond hair that runs down to her mid-back. She has a large set of breasts on her small little frame her breasts are a 32D cup and she only weighs 108 pounds! She is a short little thing only measuring up to about 5’3 and has a pretty damn hot ass to go with it. She is a very shy girl who doesn't like to show off too much other than just around me. Myself on the other hand I love to show her little body off to as many people as possible men and women alike. It’s very arousing to watch her walk through a grocery store and just watch all the men who do double takes just to see her ass. I know that it’s usually those double takes with men that turn into a mental image to masturbate too. This story however is not about my experiences with Moriah, this story is about all the things that did before she met me. This is about my girlfriends life as a slut.  Chapter One “Fuck me! Fuck me! Oh yes baby!More…. More!” Moriah screamed at the top of her lungs. She had always been a screamer when someone as large as Tony was fucking her. There always seemed to be a certain spot inside her that only a very well-endowed man could reach but when they did it drove her wild. Tony was a fairly muscular black man who was Moriah’s first lover out of high school. They met at a local bar that Moriah had recently started working at in order to pay her way through college. He was one of the customers that would come in late and flirt with Moriah when she had to close the store. It didn’t take long for them to hit it off Tony asked Moriah out on a date to go see a horror movie in which Moriah pretended to be afraid to hold on to Tony’s muscular arm. After the date Moriah offered for Tony to come back to her place for some coffee and this is how they ended up with Tony on top of her fucking her brains out. Tony was ferociously slamming his 10 inch cock in and out of Moriah’s body. This was by far the largest dick Moriah had ever taken and he was reaching her in places that had never been explored on her. Moriah could feel the sensation of Tony’s huge member pulsating as he pounded in and out of her pussy. “Oh fuck!” she yelled she could barely control what she was saying her hands gripped the bed sheets in ecstasy. Her mouth was gaping open from a mix of pain and pleasure overcoming her body. Tony sped up more and more beating Moriah’s pussy with his fully erect cock until finally he unleashed a sensation of war sticky fluid in Moriah’s deepest crevice Moriah’s cry finally turned into a very high pitch squeal as she too orgasmed feeling a wave of ecstasy rush over her making her entire body feel numb but tingly. Tony’s black cock thrusted into her a couple more times before pulling out where it very quickly went limp. “Come here little bitch suck it clean” Tony commanded. Moriah could barely muster the energy to crawl over to him and suck the reminder of his juices off of his limp black cock. Once she was sure she had enveloped every last drop of cum from her stud’s body she fell back on to the bed completely exhausted. She could hardly keep her eyes open long enough to see Tony grab his clothes and walk out her bedroom door. Moriah didn't regain consciousness until the next morning to her alarm clock ringing next to her head. She woke up still a little sore from the ordeal last night. She hit the off button then crawled out of bed to find that Tony had left he was nowhere to be seen. It was official she had her first one night stand. Moriah grabbed a towel and went to the shower to clean herself off. During her shower Moriah started to touch herself thinking about her pussy getting ravaged like it did last night. She started to fantasize about Tony’s cock penetrating her again. About him fucking her again. Then she started to wonder if she would ever see him again and if she didn’t how was she going to be able to satisfy this new urge for large cocks that has been newly awoken inside of her. Even her fingering wasn’t satisfying her enough anymore. She needed something bigger she needed, a real stud. After Moriah’s shower she quickly got dressed in he
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r work clothes which consisted of a black shirt with long dark blue jeans. She was a bit confused on what to wear, she had never worked at a bar before and she wasn’t quite sure exactly what bartenders would wear normally given that she is still too young to drink. It also didn’t help that the bar was coming under new ownership today, the previous owner had decided to retire leaving his bar in the hands of his son who in Moriah’s mind was very large pervert at least in the small amount of time that she had known him. It was noon when Moriah had arrived at the bar, already she could see changes being made. The old sign for the bar was being ripped down and a new sign painted on under it declaring the bars new name. “Grimm’s”. “Grimm’s… really?” Moriah read out loud to herself. As soon as she walked into the bar she could tell something was up the floors had been switched out from the old blue and grey tile to a new all black industrial carpeting. Everything about this bar now screamed Gothic. Moriah kind of liked the new look being into a lot of dark things. A new large reaper statue hanging over the bar. The lights were very dim with new black lights and red tinted lights showcasing the bar as well as the dance floor. As soon as she walked in Michael Grimm the ‘new’ bar owner came over to welcome her to the bar. “Moriah... welcome sweetheart, do you like the new look of the place?” Michael asked. “Yeah looks pretty cool Mike” She responded. “Michael was my father just call me Grimm babe.” Grimm responded to her. “Just call me Moriah then, I’m not anyone’s babe” Moriah snapped back at him. “Ooh feisty one I like that” Grimm said looking Moriah over from head to toe examine her hot body. Grimm then picked up a bunch of clothes sitting on the nearby table. “Here your new uniform love” Grimm said handing her the clothes. Moriah took the clothes then started to look through them. “You want me to wear this?” she asked hesitantly looking down at the black corset with white swirly designs on it that lead from where her belly button was to both of her nipples. In her other hand was a pair of long dark blue jeans. “Yeah of course, this place is going for a whole new look you’ll love it.” Grimm said excitedly. “Just go change in the locker room quick and get ready for your shift.” Grimm ordered and with that he walked back to his office located on the second floor of the bar. Moriah did as she was told and walked to the locker room to change. Meanwhile, upstairs grim was behind his desk staring at his computer monitor. Little did Moriah know but Grimm had installed a series of cameras in the locker room that he could access in his office. He watched as Moriah pulled her tank top off setting it on the bench. To his surprise, and luck, she had decided that she would look better without a bra in the corset and removed that as well. There she stood her glorious d cup breasts out in the open for Grimm to see on his screen. Grimm’s cock stiffened at the sight of her body, Moriah then hooked together the corset and buttoned it all way up to her bosom. She then bent over to pull off her tight jeans which then Grimm could see her perfectly shaped ass filling out a very small tiny Victoria secret thong. Her ass was probably the best feature on her body it looked as though it was shaped by the gods themselves. Grimm started to touch himself watching her bending over as she had trouble removing her pants. After her pants were off Moriah opened the locker and started to place all of her clothing in it luckily for Grimm her locker was on the bottom row forcing Moriah to bend down even further the entire time. Grimm started stroking his cock watching her… wanting her. Unfortunately his luck ran out and the show ended as Moriah pulled her pants up and walked out of the locker room. Moriah felt a little skimpy in her new work outfit. Her breasts were pushed close together and up, the pants hugged her hips and legs making her already awesome ass look even better. Grimm finished himself upstairs trying to imagine Moriah upstairs sucking his cock. He had no problem finishing himself thinking about Moriah’s hot little body upstairs pleasuring him.

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