Online Sex Movies Subtitled In Romanian Ejaculate On Bottom

Online Sex Movies Subtitled In Romanian Ejaculate On Bottom

My nerves were on edge and I had not slept very well. Nerves and excitement were all balled into one in the pit of my stomach. How many times in the last few days, since I agreed to the meeting, had I thought of excuses to back out? Every time I thought of one excuse to back out, three more reasons to stick to the agreed meeting came to mind. The clock seemed to creep to the next minute. He had said to dress slutty, so here I sat in my red forty-four DD bra and red see through panties on the sofa. I had picked red because I though it was best against my slight olive skin tone. Red had always been a great color on me, picking up the red highlights in my dark brown hair. Mindless TV watching was not helping to distract me, as the next minute clicked. The chirp of the text message caused me to jump. "Twenty minutes ought be ready," was all that it said. My breath quickened and mouth turned dry. Now the second guessing started in earnest. A single woman meeting a virtual stranger in her home was not smart. Getting up and pacing a bit, I argued with myself. At forty-three, the safe smart thing to do was stay my ass in my little safe bubble. My urges and throbbing clit said forget that, life was too short to not push limits and explore. Smart or not, at the heart of it I needed to touch, taste, and please Him. Final decision made, I walked to the entertainment center where I kept my house key, picked up the key, crossed to the back door, and unlocked it. I breathed easier, figuring an easy escape route bought me some insurance if my instincts were wrong. Then I crossed to the front door and placed the key in the top deadbolt, so I could open the door quickly when He arrived. I returned to the sofa to fiddle with my fingers and watch the minutes click by. The ring of the doorbell had me nearly jumping out of my skin thirty minutes later. Heartbeat and breathing quickened. I moved off the sofa and through the living room towards the entry way, at what I thought was a quick pace, until I heard the knock at the door. Making it to the door by the second knock, I unlocked the door. I stood behind the door as I opened it wide, so that the neighbors could not see my state of undress. If you asked me to describe Him just based on the first moment, all I could expound to you would be His eyes. I had only seen something that blue one time before. At the heart of some Yellowstone hot springs is a deep lapis blue. It is the hottest part of the springs. So inviting, so beautiful, but so dangerous all at the same time. Those eyes drew me in and held me. “On your knees,” He said gruffly as He stood just inside the open door. Even though He was only twenty-five to my forty-three years, I obediently called Him the agreed upon name as I answered, “Yes Daddy.” Reluctantly, I broke eye contact and sank to my knees on the hardwood floor in the entryway as quickly as my ample curves would allow me. The door closed with a thump behind me as I looked straight head into the living room. I could hear His footsteps as He walked around me, clearly appraising me. I had a touch of fear in my heart that I would not live up to expectation. It surprised me when the first slap hit my round ass. “You are a sexy slut,” He said as he smacked my ass again. My clit was tingling after the second swat, and my chest heaved as my rate of breathing increased. I never realized how much pleasure there was in a firm hand hitting my curvaceous ass. “Get up and show me your bedroom,” He ordered. Rising off my knees quickly, I led Him out of the entryway and headed up the stairs. I had barely made to the second step and the spanking started. Each step another smack of my ass, causing it to jiggle and shake. I had to grab the handrail to keep me moving forward as the spanking continued. At the top of the stairs the spanking stopped and my clit was throbbing. I took a left into the master bedroom. When I reached the center of the room, I turned to face Him, seeing Him clearly for the first time. He seemed to be at least a foot taller than me. Reddish brown hair and pale freckled skin. “Undress Daddy,” He ordered. Moving close, I pulled His red polo shirt up over His head and tossed it aside. My fingers moved down to find His belt. All of a sudden it was as if my stomach was full of butterflies and those butterflies were trying to escape out of my chest. My heart was racing and breathing labored. My fingers fumbled with the buckle. It was almost as if I had forgotten how belts operated. “Hey,” He said softly causing me to look up into his deep blue eyes, “Relax.” Leaning down, He kissed me softly on the lips. Then He deepened the kiss and His tongue invaded my lips. Our tongues touching in my hot wet mouth. As he pulled back from my lips, the butterflies all flew away. Fingers now working properly, I made short work of the belt and began to unbutton His blue jeans. He kicked off His shoes as I unzipped His jeans. The jeans fell to the floor and He stepped out of them. I moved my fingers to the waist band of His green boxer briefs. “Not yet,” He said stopping my fingers in mid air. He again leaned down, this time to my full chest. On the exposed skin of my right breast he sucked the skin hard. I moaned softly as His lips came off my skin with a pop. Moving His mouth just a few inches, He again sucked hard on my flesh. When I did not think that I could take it any longer, His lips came off of my flesh. He raised back up and ordered, “Bra off now.” “Yes Daddy,” I said reaching behind me to unhook the four hooks of my bra as quickly as possible. Tossing the large bra aside, exposing my massive mammaries. He stepped forward and His fingers found my nipples. Another soft moan escaped my lips as He pinched and pulled on them. He again leaned down, sucked one nipple and then the other. He raised back up and pinched them again, harder this time. “The pictures do not do them justice,” He said as He continued to pinch. “Thank you, Daddy,” I said softly. “On your knees,” He ordered with one final hard pinch of my nipples. “Yes Daddy,” I said and for the second time sank to my knees. “Now ta
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ke Daddy's underwear off,” He ordered.My fingers this time completed their journey to His waist band. The briefs went down, and I unwrapped His nice thick cut hard cock. He took His hardness in hand. My mouth watered at the prospect of tasting the cock in front of my face. He instead rubbed his cock all over my face. My was clit pulsing, feeling so slutty as He rubbed my face with his hard on. “Now suck Daddy like a good slut,” He said as He let his cock go. I replaced His hands with mine on His hardness. I took my tongue and swirled it around His tip. I looked up into His eyes as my mouth sank down His shaft. I stroked His cock with my hot wet mouth, going further down with each pass. Each time my mouth went further down His cock, He moaned loud. My mouth moved back on His tip to swirl my tongue around it as I sucked. My lips moved back down His shaft deeper than before, finally gagging around His cock. He muttered something inaudible and moaned louder. My dark brown eyes watering as my throat convulsed. My lips stroking back and popping off His cock. My lips near His tip as I gasped for breath. “Good slut. Now suck Daddy's balls,” He said as he moved to the queen sized sleigh bed. He laid on the bed, legs spread and balls on the edge of the mattress. I moved to stand, so I could position myself between His legs. He raised up on his elbows and snapped, “Did I tell you that you could get up?” “No Daddy,” I said and went instantly back to my knees. “Stay on your knees. Now suck my balls, slut,” He said laying back down. I obediently moved to his waiting testicles. Licking one and then the other, making them wet. Once they were all wet, I took one in my mouth and sucked it. The hair tickled my nose but I continued to suck. When He groaned, I moved to the other one. I gave it the same treatment, sucking and licking until He moaned. “Good slut. Now put your tits around Daddy's cock,” He said. Raising my thighs up till my tits were on the same level as his cock, I put my abundant tits around His hard member. I squeezed my tits around Him, loving the feel of His hardness against my breast bone and soft flesh. I moved my thighs up and down causing His cock to stroke in my cleavage. My mouth began to water every time I saw the tip escape the flesh prison that surrounded His cock. It was not long before my lips were wrapped around His tasty tip. “There is no better sight than your lips and tits around my cock,” He said with a groan as my tongue again swirled around His tip. I moaned around His tip in appreciation and stroked my tits faster on His cock. My drool was flowing down His tip and shaft. The wetness made it easier for my tits to stroke even faster. He moaned louder as I worked His throbbing tool. A groan escaped His lips and He said, “Daddy is feeling generous. Where do you want His cum: mouth, face, or tits?” Thinking only for a moment, I popped my mouth off of His tip and answered, “My tits, Daddy.” He rose from the bed, forcing me to sit back on my heels, and looking me in the eyes as He ordered, “Beg for my cum, slut.” “Please Daddy, cum on my tits,” I said. “Hold your tits up and beg better than that, slut,” He said as He began to stroke. Holding both of my tits in my hands, I presented them to Him and I begged again, “Please Daddy, please I need your cum on my tits.” He was stroking faster now. I looked Him deep in His eyes, as if I was trapped in them, searching for what would please those eyes. “Please Daddy, please mark my tits with your cum,” I pleaded. Looking in those eyes, I felt the first splash of hot cum hit my tits. I looked down to see His stroking produce another and then still another spurt of white cum. Each spurt hitting the top of my tits. Feeling elated as I looked at the white pools of cum marking my tits. Both of us were panting as He said, “Now clean Daddy's cock.” Taking the tip of His cock in my mouth again and softly sucking, I was in heaven as I extracted the juice from Him. The salty musky taste thrilled me all the way to my toes. Looking down on me with those soul stripping eyes, He said, “Next time I am going to fuck you, and I expect for you to have a collar around your neck.” I shivered at the thought. I had anticipated this request and thought of the red nylon collar that would match my outfit sitting on the entertainment center downstairs. I could hardly wait for our next encounter, so I could feel the collar around my neck. “I understand, Daddy,” I said breathlessly. “Good slut. Daddy has to go. Be ready next time Daddy calls,” He said leaning down and kissing my lips lightly. He then straightened up and gave me one last look with his smoldering blue eyes. “Yes Daddy, I will be ready.” I said, captured in His eyes. Our gaze was broken as He dressed quickly. He then left the room without a backward glance. I heard the door slam shut. I was there in the center of the room on my knees, breathing heavy with His cum drying on my tits. I was very aware of my throbbing clit and soaking panties. I whimpered softly and stood. I could stand it no longer, stripping my panties, tossing them aside, and laid on the bed where He had been. I could still feel His warmth on the sheets. Some of the cum that had not dried and flowed down my chest. My right hand finding my soaking slit. I had never been so wet in all my life. Rubbing my clit in quick circles, the whole encounter playing through my mind. I could feel the pressure building. Eyes closed and moaning, I continued to work my wet clit with rapidly moving fingers. Again I saw His eyes and felt His cum splash on me. That thought pushing me over the edge, I called out, 'Daddy!' as my body exploded with a powerful orgasm, hips bucking as my pussy pulsed. Panting and skin tingling as my body rode the crest of the wave. My breathing slowed and heart beat returning to normal as I recovered. I took a cum soaked finger and ran it through one of the pools of His cum. I brought it to my lips and tasted our mixed juices. I sucked slightly on my finger, loving the taste. I could hardly wait for the next exploration that would take place.

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